About Me

About Life

I have been flying RC these years started with RC Helicopter. From 3.5ch, 4ch and now 6ch. Then I move to Multirotors. I have experience crash and lost in flying Multirotors. Feeling sad, Happy, excited, blur and so on. I have been working since 2004 as an IT guy. Now work as Application Consultant.

About RC

Reason I setup this online store is to help Multirotors RC hobbyist out there especially in Malaysia to get their parts. Some parts and items in this website already in stock with me. Also some need to pre-order upon request.  I used to order from several store around the world from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, USA, Singapore and Poland just to get the stock. I would like share something might interest me based on my experience ordering parts. Some parts not cheap and hard to get. You might see my video flying here :http://www.youtube.com/user/JaNpIrAtE/videos


About Price

I’m not depending on this online store for living :). Frankly speaking I cannot get much profit from this online store because I’m not doing wholesale like others store does. I’m doing this because I’m feeling happy to share something with others. You can compare price and can always consult me via email or Whatsapp if I could reduce the price for you. Also by doing this I could get some experience and test the market to know the demand perhaps ;)


Sum Up

To be in this hobby... first thing you have to be patience Grin... no need to be a technical guy...that is not necessary anymore..but if you are technical guy that would an added advantage.  winner  if you don't know something, you can just ask around in any RC forum. there are always somebody will try to help you out ..ask anything except money la  Crazytraining

some of the solutions doesn't comes on the same day... ... sometimes may tooks you several weeks..if you fed up and give up easily it might cost you more money....  stretch.. but if you never give up and keen to learn, there must be a solutions, if Allah will.  Wink

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